1. The Open House Rewards Card remains the property of Open House and or its assigned agents.
  2. For a sale to qualify for rewards, the card must be presented at each transaction. The Rewards Card may not be presented to the shop after sale transaction has taken place.
  3. Reward points accumulated are not transferable.
  4. Additional cards maybe produced for additional members on request, a fee maybe charged.
  5. Rewards may only be redeemed at announced intervals.
  6. Open House reserves the right to, stop, suspend or terminate the rewards programme without notice and no liability due from card holders against Open House of any sort.
  7. Abuse of the Open House rewards card can result in the card being withdrawn from the abuser.
  8. Proof of identity maybe required for specific rewards redemption purposes.
  9. Loss of card will attract a USD10 fee for replacement.
  10. Rewards card may from time to time not qualify to be used in conjunction with other promos in Open House branches.
  11. Open House reserves the right to review rewards packages on a quarterly basis.
  12. A minimum spend of USD$5 allows you to qualify.


Reward Voucher issuance quarterly

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