What is Open House Reward Card?

Open House Reward Card is a card designed to earn you rewards for purchases you make at Open House Hardware shops namely Speke Avenue, Robson Manyika and SekeRoad.

How do I join the Open House Reward card programme?

Walk into any of our branches and fill out the form once you collect your card, present it at every purchase and you are now earning rewards you can redeem later.

What are the benefits of the Reward Card?

You are able to earn rewards every time you purchase from any of our branches listed above using the Reward card. These earned rewards offer you an opportunity to be rewarded every quarter. Also other benefits include,

  • quarterly reward voucher issuance
  • free paint colour coordination by Dulux,
  • priority deliveries, invite to card holders day,
  • free estimates

How do I earn Reward points?

Every time you purchases reach $150 every quarter (every 3 months) you earn rewards, and these rewards are updated onto your reward account, these rewards are redeemable every quarter at the announcement of the redemption period.

How do I redeem my Rewards?

At redemption period we will announce, and you will be awarded a redemption certificate indicating value of the reward you have earned. You will then be free to purchase anything to that value in any of our shops. You are free to roll over your rewards to the next redemption period.

How long are the Reward points valid for on my account?

6 Months, but at the end of each calender year, all unredeemed rewards are forfeited.

How do I replace my card if it is lost, stolen or broken?

Visit Speke Avenue Head Office branch or message our Facebook page openhousezim or contact us on our whatsapp number 0778 002498 and report lost card.

If I lose my card do I get my old rewards?

Yes, rewards will be transferred to the new card.


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