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  • An acrylic waterproofing paint developed to be used with a mesh membrane. This product can be used on flashing, roof joins, roof screws, parapets and chimney cappings. Dulux waterproofing is not suitable for parapets and chimney cappings.
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Exterior Waterproofing paint developed to be used with mesh membrane

Dulux Waterproofing is an acrylic waterproofing paint which has been developed to be used with mesh membrane.

Special features


Excellent Adhesion


Water Resistance


Flexible and Durable

Number of coats: 1ST COAT– Roll or Brush a thick coat of Dulux Waterproofing (1 litre/m²). Work the membrane into the wet coat by using a roller or a stiff brush, avoiding the formation of bubbles or creases in the material. On flat surface. Membrane overlaps should be a minimum of 100 mm between 2 layers. Allow a minimum drying period of 30 minutes before applying second coat.
2nd COAT – Once the first coat has dried sufficiently to take working traffic (2 – 3 hours depending upon weather), apply a second coat of Dulux Waterproofing paint (0,7 litre/m²) to ensure the membrane is completely wet.
3rd COAT – Once the second coat is dry, apply a final coat of Rockgrip Waterproofing paint at the rate of coat (0,7 litre/m²).

Preparing the surfaces: Suitable for use on flashing , roof joint, roof crews, parapets and chimney capping’s

Painting: Brush

Health and Safety: “For detailed safety information refer to Material Safety Data Sheet. Keep out of reach of children Ensure good ventilation during application and drying. Non-flammable”


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